Produce Bag Fundraiser

Driven to Make a Difference

Soul Family wants to change the way people fundraise. In New Zealand, we often see food and beverages used as a form of advertising: chocolate bars, sausage sizzles, family pies, and wine.

Soul Family is proud to offer a fundraising alternative that is better for your family. A product that is made out of recycled plastic, will last you for life, and has multiple uses! More information on the product.

WHO: Primary and Secondary schools, Kindergartens, Sports teams, Individuals.

WHAT: Produce bags (5 Pack - 3 large & 2 small).

HOW: Fundraising cost: $10 per pack | Sale price: $15 per pack = $5 PROFIT per pack.

We will provide you with an order form template to get filled up with purchases. Customers will transfer into a verified Soul Family bank account. Once all your orders are in we will transfer the funds raised to a verified bank account and also deliver the products for you to distribute. 

Email to enquire. 

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