Supermarket Saver (Bundle Deal)

Supermarket Saver (Bundle Deal)

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The Supermarket Saver is here to help you say NO to covering your food in plastic at the supermarket!


This kit includes

  • 1 hemp shopping bag
  • 5 pack of produce bags (3 large and 2 small)

    Hemp Shopping Bag

    Our reusable shopping bags are made out of hemp. Hemp is one of the most sustainable resources on the planet because it requires little to no pesticides or irrigation to grow and the fabric is super durable. 

    Our bags nicely fold up into a compact design so you can pop them into your glovebox or carry bag.

    5 Pack Produce Bags

    Our produce bags are made out of recycled plastic bottles (approx, 50 bottles per pack!!). We have taken post-consumer waste and turned it into something useful.

    Each pack includes:

    • 3 large (35cm x 30cm)
    • 2 small (25cm x 30cm)

    Our bags are so lightweight so you don't have to worry about tare weights. They are multipurpose and can be used as nut milk strain bags or bulk bin bags for larger items. All bags are double-stitched to ensure longevity. 


    We pride ourselves on shipping your purchase safely to you in packaging that is either plastic-free or repurposed. We hope you appreciate it as much as we do! You should be able to recycle or compost all our packaging.